Aghdam Bread Museum

13 Oktyabr 2020

Aghdam Bread Museum

🍞Aghdam Bread Museum was the second in the world, and the first and only bread museum in the USSR.


Among the exhibits collected in this museum are petrified ancient 🌾grain samples, rare grain species, numerous valuable books, manuscripts and other materials related to the development of grain growing, ancient agricultural tools: bricks, ordinary and toothed sickles, grain threshers, hand mills and other tools existed.


The museum itself has a very interesting history. So, in the very center of the city there was an old mill that was in ruins. During the difficult years of the war, this mill became the only breadbasket in 📍Aghdam, so it was considered a sacred place and it was considered inadmissible to touch it. The idea that this mill would later function as a bakery is welcomed by all.


Well-known grain academician Imam Mustafayev brought these grains from his rich grain collection along with other samples, which significantly increased the value of the museum. Hundreds of people's bread samples were obtained.


When a Russian woman, a participant in the siege of Leningrad, heard the museum's question, she brought a hundred and fifty grams of charred bread, which she had not eaten to the point of death, and gave it to the museum. Samples of bread were sent from the cosmonaut campus. About two thousand samples of grain were collected in the museum in a short time.


But, unfortunately, this wealth was destroyed during the invasion by #Armenian Armed Forces



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