Bolqarıstanda baş tutacaq ESC layihəsi üçün könüllülər axtarırıq

4 Mart 2020

Bolqarıstanda baş tutacaq ESC layihəsi üçün könüllülər axtarırıq

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📣Bolqarıstanda baş tutacaq ESC layihəsi üçün könüllülər axtarırıq‼️

📣We are hiring volunteers!

Short-term ESC project called DIVERSITY FEST, organised by Bulgarian National Agency, will take off from 15th of May to 28th of June 2020 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria🇧🇬.

✅DESCRIPTION: The main objective of this project is to help young people to better understand what hate speech is, be able to differentiate it from freedom of speech, and to raise awareness on hate speech and cyberbulling as serious issues. Another goal of the project is to introduce Council of Europe's No hate speech movement to young people to young people - promote media literacy, safe and tolerant use of the Internet and knowledge of the basic legal frameworks among young people for combating cyber-defeat. 

✈️TRAVEL SUPPORT: The volunteers will receive pocket money for food . The volunteers will be accommodated in fully furnished apartment in double room/ triple room. 
Participants’ all travel expenses from their home city to Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria including airfare and ticlets will  be covered.

✅ All participants must be at age 18 -30 years old
✅All participants must be currently residing in the country they will represent and be able to prove it if needed with documents
✅Open minded , willing to volunteer and motivated to be part of our team 
✅Not to be part of European Voluntary Service or European Solidarity Corps before

📌APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The procedure of applying in European Solidarity Corps includes CV and personal video from volunteers  explaining the motivation, why they would like to be volunteers and so on. 

Qeydiyyat üçün link:

⏳DEADLINE: 16 March 2020