Statement on the attack of Armenian troops to Ganja

3 Oktyabr 2020

Statement on the attack of Armenian troops to Ganja

The National Council of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which unites major youth organizations of the country and tens of thousands of young people, states the following in the light of recent indiscriminate shelling and rocket attack by the Armenian armed forces against civilian population of Azerbaijan.


  1. We condemn in the strongest terms the continuous, deliberate and indiscriminate shelling and rocket attacks against the civilian infrastructure and Azerbaijani civilians, which resulted in killing of 22 Azerbaijani civilians, including 2 schoolchildren and injuring of 74 so far.


  1. We stress that indifference of the international community to the flagrant violation by Armenia and its armed forces of the international humanitarian law has further bolstered the latter, which fired rocket missiles from the territory of the Republic of Armenia against the civilian infrastructure, including houses in the second biggest city in Azerbaijan, Ganja on October 4, 2020.


  1. We reiterate our full support to the legitimate counter-action of the Azerbaijani armed forces with a view to defend its civilian population and infrastructure in full accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.


  1. We urge the international community to take full consideration of the fact that the Azerbaijani armed forces undertake counter-offensive exclusively on the internationally recognized territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and unlike the occupant Armenian armed forces, do not deliberately target the civilian population. However, the attack against civilian infrastructure in the city of Ganja, which is not situated in the active conflict zone, from the territory of the Republic of Armenia does not only represent a flagrant violation of international law, but also reveals the nature and substance of the Armenian aggression based on the declared policy of its leadership ­– “new wars for new territories”.


  1. We condemn in the strongest term those third party actors, including in the media and politics who, out of ignorance or deliberately, do their utmost to justify the Armenian aggression, which resulted in the occupation of 20 percent of the Azerbaijani territory and displacement of some 800’000 persons from Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and seven adjacent districts, in addition to more than 200’000 Azerbaijani refugees from Armenia.


  1. We, the youth of Azerbaijan, including those displaced from the occupied territories, will never reconcile with the occupation of our homeland and spare no effort for the justice to prevail in this long-lasting conflict.


  1. We further call on the international community, including the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Council of Europe (CoE), the European Union (EU) and other international organizations, to give a proper legal and political assessment to these recent attacks by Armenia against Azerbaijani civilians, which further brings the peaceful settlement of the conflict to deadlock, and to take necessary steps to force Armenia to stop its aggressive policy, comply with its international obligations and decisions taken by the international organizations, including the UN Security Council Resolutions No. 822, 853, 874 and 884.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

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