What is European Solidarity Corps?

European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is an international volunteering project created for the young people who want to have a benefit to non-governmental organizations by integrating to a new community, and learning a new language. Projects consist of several directions: art and sport, education and culture, environment and leadership etc.

The main aim of European Solidarity Corps is to help to strengthen unity, solidarity, democracy and citizenship, also to promote the values of “solidarity” which strengthens social integration, and shows public problems by volunteering in order to increase participation of young people in accessible and practice-based activities.   

These opportunities give a chance to young people showing solidarity and liability in different communities, also for helping in solution of the vulnerable processes occuring in the framework of Europe. 

Who can participate in the ESC project?

  • Everyone who aged between 18-30;

  • Everyone who speaks English fluently

  • Everyone who lives in countries which are members of European Union or Eastern Partnership Countries, and Russian Federation. 

How can I serve as a ESC volunteer?

● Firstly, you should be familiar with the projects shared in the social media by NAYORA or in the website of ESC, and register for the appropriate project;

● After being selected for the project that you have registered for, you should sign a contract with one of the sending organizations which has an accreditation and a quality-label from Erasmus+ programme, directly; 

●   Sending organizations help you during all administrative procedures (documentation, preparation processes, organizational agreement, travel arrangement and insurance).   

Can I participate more than one time?

You can participate in projects organized by European Solidarity Corps one or two times with the condition that the total time of participation is 12 months. 

  • If you have participated in a short-term project (less than 59 days), you can participate in a long-term project (till 12 months). 

  • If you have participated in a long-term project (till 12 months), you can participate again neither in a short-term nor in a long-term project.   

How much do I have to pay? 

You don't have to pay for participation as a volunteer. Costs of travel, food, accommodation, transportation and language courses are covered by Erasmus+ Program. Organisation volunteers are also entitled to a monthly allowance (pocket money). 

In case you have any questions, please, contact us via email: [email protected]